A glimpse of my new family...

Continuing further from Jab we met-Part II...

This one is from my last year's b'day
So, I was waiting for my Mom-Dad and bro to return. My bro came home first and gave me a tight hug. He could sense the levels of my nervousness. The strange part was, he hadn't even met the person I got fixed with and was extremely curious to know who this guy was and how come he had managed to woo me in our very first meet! Actually, before I had met M, I was highly unsure about my own self. I knew it was not really easy for me to fall in love and hence, the feeling that I might never fall in love had started creeping in. Although I was not even in love with M at that point of time, moving ahead somehow seemed right. Shortly after bro, Mom-Dad came back. They seemed quite excited. "How was it at M's place?" I asked. "It was great! Many of M's closed relatives had gathered there and all of them were extremely happy. They spoke very highly of M. Moreover, they all are very excited to meet you. Some of them want to meet you tomorrow, over dinner. They'll come to Invitation(a popular restaurant close to my place)," Mom said. I nearly got a panic attack when mom said that. "Don't worry. It's gonna a be a casual affair as just some cousins and friends will come, no elders," Dad said. I was still in a state of shock because of all the previous happenings and at that point of time, the thought of meeting M's friends and cousins was enough to give me a sleepless night. "What am I going to wear tomorrow?" I asked mom. I was meeting some of M's close ones for the first time(I already knew some of them) and I had no idea how they would perceive/judge me. "No need of formals. Go casually," Dad said. After exchanging goodnight hugs, we all went to sleep. The whole night I kept thinking about who all would come, what kind of people they were, what they would think about me, would they like me, would they dislike me, etc. The mind never stopped thinking. I didn't realize when the night went by and it was time to wake up for work.

Next day when I woke up, I could feel the dizziness because of the sleepless night. I hugged and kissed my Mom-Dad. Hugging and kissing them every morning was a part of my routine. But this time, the hugs were different, the kisses were different. Following my normal routine, I started getting ready for office. While I was combing my hair, Dad entered the room, held my arm, pulled me towards himself, hugged me tightly and started crying. At that moment, my strength failed me and I burst into tears. Suddenly I heard Mom's voice, "Stop crying both of you. We still have time!" she said. I looked at Dad and asked him, "How many times will you make me cry like that?". "I don't know," he said and started smiling. I kissed him and left for work. 

When I reached office, one of my close friends, H, was already there. I called her to one the conference rooms in the office, and broke the news. "I have got fixed," I told her. "What?? Really?? What happened yesterday? Tell me everything right now!".
To be continued...