A glimpse of my new family... Part-II

Continuing further from "A glimpse of my new family..." :

I told my friend H about the entire episode. She knew that I was supposed to meet a guy over the weekend but didn't expect that we would get fixed so soon! "Some of M's relatives are coming to meet me in the evening. I am really nervous," I said. "I can understand. Don't worry. Stay calm. Everything will be fine," she said. Shortly, another closed friend of mine, S, joined us. I shared the news with her. Both H and S were extremely surprised and excited whereas I was nervous, and blank. It was a weird feeling, hard to express in words. I couldn't work properly in the office that day. My manager came to discuss some deliverables for our next release. Throughout the discussion, I just kept nodding my head. My mind was somewhere else and hence, his words were going over my head. I left for home earlier than the usual days.

When I reached home, three of my close cousins(my bua's children), were already there. They had come to accompany me and bro for the dinner. Having them alongside was comforting. For dinner, I chose to wear a black shirt with jeans, ironed my hair and got very light make-up done. Five of us reached invitation by 8:30 PM. Bro asked the waiters to set up a table for about 15-20 people on the first floor of the restaurant. By 8:40, we were seated. My bro and one of my cousins went downstairs to received M and M's relatives. M and his relatives reached Invitation around 9:30. As they all entered the restaurant, I saw some familiar and some new faces. Familiar ones were mine and M's common relatives. Including M, there were four men. Rest all ladies. All the ladies were formally dressed in suits. "I should have been formally dressed," I said to myself. M was right at the back. He was wearing a black shirt and a pair of rust-colored trousers. "Ehem Ehem! Looks like the two of you had planned to wear black shirts tonight. Good going!" someone said. I realized both me and M had landed up wearing black shirts. One of M's cousins and my childhood friend, A, introduced me to everyone one.  There were M's cousins, (SIL)sisters-in-law and a close friend. I was too nervous to remember the names. 
Our first pic together... makes me feel nostalgic...
After a brief introduction, we all sat down. I sat next to M. M's close friend, cousin and one of the SILs sat right opposite to us. As we sat down, M's SIL asked us, "Where are you guys going for your honeymoon"? Now that was embarrassing for me. Me and M were yet to exchange numbers. Honeymoon plans were way too far!! "We haven't decided yet," I said. "Why? Honeymoon is the first thing that you guys should decide!" she said and everyone started giggling. Over dinner, everyone asked me general things about my hobbies, education, music, etc. "Excuse me everyone!", one of M's cousins interrupted. "People at home want your pictures. Start posing guys"! The moment he said that, some people took out their mobile phones and started clicking our pictures. I smiled for the pictures, my first couple pictures with M, and it all seemed so weird at that point of time. I had no clue what all was going on in M's mind. His family members were full of life. But... they all were strangers to me. I had to amalgamate myself with them. That day, I couldn't laugh with them when they cracked jokes. I couldn't smile like my real self. I couldn't depict my humorous side. I couldn't eat wholeheartedly in their presence. Becoming a part of a new family was a big task, and a tough one. "It might take some time for me to adjust into your family," I said to M. There were sounds of laughter and chattering all around. I thought I might have been inaudible when I said that. "I understand. Take your time," M said. I liked him when he said that. 

Suddenly M's phone rang. It was his Mom. "Mom wants to speak to you," he said and passed on the phone to me. I was about to have my first conversation with M's Mom and my to-be mother-in-law.....   


  1. Though we know the rest of the story, but the way you are writing it makes it very interesting. Did you think about writing plot for TV serials? :)

    1. Haha! Thanks a lot Sir!
      No, I haven't thought of it yet. Let me brush up my skills here first :D