The Odds & The Evens

Before starting, let me mention that I am not a pro-Kejriwal. I am a Delhiite, i.e. a resident of the most polluted city in the world. So, when I came to know about this new rule of odd-even numbered cars that will be implemented from 1rst January 2016 onwards, I thought of it as a ray of hope. Shortly after this news came out, several jokes and memes related to this rule came out as well. Everyday I see and hear people making a mockery of this rule. "Suppose I go somewhere and come back next day, I'll be fined. What nonsense!", says one. "Now wedding will be a two-day event, one day for people with odd number of cars, and another day for people with even number of cars". Somehow these jokes do not amuse me. I feel people have yet not realized the sensitivity of this whole issue. Delhi's pollution levels have shot up to severe category. The air that we are inhaling each second, is poisonous. It's like dying a slow death. Who said overcoming such a serious problem is going to be an easy task? We are talking about cleaning the air of our city.  Off course it's going to be difficult as it is supposed to be difficult! People have already started cribbing about how they'll be dependent on public transport, how they'll manage to reach somewhere in an emergency situation if the number of their car(odd/even) does not correspond to that particular day. Yes, being dependent on public transport is difficult. But isn't it better than dying a slow death? Probably the government will figure out something for emergency situations. I don't know whether this concept of odd-even car days will be successful or not. But, is simply giving a thumbs down to an effort, the right solution? Can we come up with something better to tackle this? If not, can we at least give a sincere try to this odd-even formula?

P.S. Pic courtesy : Google