First(actually second) conversation...

Continuing further from "A glimpse of my new family... Part-II"...

I held the phone to my ear. "Namaste.....", I said and paused. I was thinking about how I should address her. Since me and M were now fixed, addressing her as "Aunt" wasn't appropriate. On the other hand, addressing a new person as "Mom" was again weird for me. My indecisiveness in addressing her as "Aunt" or "Mom" led to this pause after namaste. I clearly remembered my first meeting with her... 

I had met her briefly few months back, at Uncle S's birthday party. Some of my friends were sitting in the lawn. They asked me to join them. Co-incidentially, she was sitting next to them and the chair next to her was unoccupied. I went there and sat next to her. While I was conversing with my friends, she realized that she was sitting in between me and them. "Would you like to sit in my place?", she asked me. "No not at all. I am fine here.", I replied. "Come on, please sit here. You all will be able to talk comfortably", she said and got up from her chair. I thanked her and we exchanged our seats. One of my Dad's friends, Uncle T, was sitting around the same table. "Hi beta. How are you? How's your music going?", he asked me. "Music is going well Chacha. I recently posted a video from our jam session on facebook", I said. "She plays violin really well bhabhi", Uncle T told my to-be MIL. "Wow, that is so nice! You should join us at one of our parties. People will really enjoy listening to your violin", she said. "Yes off course Aunty", I said and smiled at her, and she smiled back. So that was my first meeting with her. None of us knew that ours was going to be a lifelong association!! 

"Namaste beta. How are you?", she asked me. "I am good, how about you?", I replied. "We all are fine and really excited to meet you. And don't worry about anything at all. After marriage, you are free to do whatever you like. No restrictions here", she said. Amidst the noise and laughter around, her words were really comforting. A girl always fears about losing her freedom after getting married. Her words allayed my fears and apprehensions and I thanked  her for that. "Now you all carry on with the dinner. Bye. See you soon", she said. "Bye", I said and handed over the phone to M. 

After the dinner, everyone decided to go to Hori Lal, a popular paan shop near my place. We all walked out of the restaurant and moved towards our respective cars. "Both of you can come together in M's car. We all will meet you there", everyone told me and M. M showed me the way to his car. We were all set to go for our first drive..... Was it good?? Was it bad?? Was it awkward?? You'll know soon.... :-) 


  1. Hahaha This is so interesting!

  2. Hey, your blog has a new makeover. Lovely! both the account and the look of the blog :-)I liked the quote too.