Our first drive...

Continuing further from "First(actually second) conversation..."

As me and M started walking towards his car, there was silence... and peace... 
"I know it's gonna be tough for you for gel with my family members. They are quite loud", M said. "Thanks for confirming my fears", I said to myself. For an introvert person like me, it's quite difficult to feel comfortable among a new set of people. Gelling part comes next. I had to overcome the comfort part first. "Do you know the way to Hori Lal", M asked me. "Yes offcourse. It's nearby", I said and we both sat in the car. It was our second meeting and things had unexpectedly and drastically changed between our two meetings. I had still not come to terms with the fact that the person sitting next to me was going to be my life partner. Hence, I couldn't come up with something meaningful to start a conversation with M. The car moved, and there was an awkward silence. "Go straight and take a right turn from the T-point", I said in order to break the awkward silence. "Ya sure", M said. "Now we need to go straight and take the first left. Hori lal is right there", I said. In no time we reached Hori Lal. Others were still on the way and reached around ten minutes later. "How come you guys reached so early! We were hoping you would take a longer route to have some alone time", M's cousin said. That thought hadn't even crossed my mind. "Maybe you guys should go out for coffee or something", someone said. "It's already quite late and tomorrow is a working day. We'll go some other time", I said. We all spent around 10-15 minutes at Hori Lal, said goodbyes to each other, and started walking towards our respective cars. As I was walking towards my car along with my cousins, they whispered, "Go back and say bye to M". Hesitantly, I turned around. M was standing a few steps away. So I walked towards him. We shook hands followed by an awkward, distant side-hug and said goodbye to each other. The night ended, but the thoughts didn't. Next important task was meeting M's parents. It was Monday, and I was supposed to meet them on Saturday i.e. five days later.

Another big question that was continuously crossing my mind was : When and how will I fall in love with M?

To be continued....


  1. The best thing about all your write ups are the honesty. Reading them brings an instant smile on the face because it is so easy to relate to these honest confessions. All of us at some point of time have been through these feelings. Generally they just pass by without us noticing and concentrating on them. What is remarkable is the account of all those feelings that you have. Makes one imagine how fully you felt them then. And how beautifully you can still live those moments even right now.

    1. Thanks a lot for appreciating. You'll be able to relate even more once you get engaged. :-)

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